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Siskiyou's 1/4-inch collet SoftTouch™ TPI series adjustment screws are ideal for OEM and custom applications and are miniature versions of our 3/8-inch collet adjustment screws. They feature single-wrench-size adjustment and locking screw hex drives. The brass collet includes a built-in travel-lock mechanism to reliably hold device positioning.  
TPI series fine and ultrafine adjustment screws are producing industry-leading resolutions and a cost-effective alternative to standard micrometers, where position readout is not a requirement. Adjustment screw contact tips are fitted with a hardened ball bearing for exceptionally smooth adjustment. 
Our TPI adjustment screws are fitted with 'black' SoftTouch™ drive-knob caps by default.  Four (4) additional (interchangeable) color caps are available for user-defined, axis color coding. Factory installed red, green, yellow and gray color caps are available on request, and at no extra charge. To order custom color coded SoftTouch™ TPI screws simply add the following modifier codes: -R (red), -GN (green), -Y (yellow), or -GR (gray) to the end of the model number.
Product Features
■■ 80 thread pitch
■■ Fits 1/4-inch collet diameter products
■■ Split-clamp lock
■■ SoftTouch™ actuators
■■ Vacuum compatible versions available

Performance Specifications
Travel 318μm/rev
Minimum controllable motion* 0.9μm
Axial load 40lb


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adjustment screw, 1.0" travel, 8-80TPI

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