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Made from durable non-corrosive LEXAN®, the PC-R perfusion chamber is designed to fit into our 8090c fixed stage platform and our round PC-A series adapters that fit our upright and inverted microscope platform systems.

A standard 22mm cover slip is used to create the chamber bottom that is attached with vacuum grease, silicon, or parafilm (use a heat gun to gently melt the parafilm).  There are two plastic retention screws for added security. 

The PC-R has four small but very powerful magnets located near the recording chamber. The magnets are located such that the supplied clips will securely hold your perfusion plumbing or ground wiring close to the final location.
Product Features
■■ Non-corrosive LEXAN® construction
■■ Embedded magnets
■■ 22mm cover slip chamber bottom

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perfusion chamber, round, with 4 clips

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