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The 420 series open loop DC drives are designed as motorized replace­ments for our TPI adjustment screws and manual micrometers used on our 330 series, 100cr series, and 200cr series stages.  420 series drives are a cost-effective alternative to our 840 encoded ac­tuators. Like the 840 actuators, 420 drives incorporate high-quality lead screws, DC motors, and low backlash gearheads. Because of the quick reference scale, 420 series drives are ideal for applications where visual position feedback is available.  The 420 series drives have built-in microswitch travel limits that stop the drive before end of travel. This feature both eliminates the end of travel torque on the motor/gearhead and accidental end of travel dam­age to stages that are being driven.
Product Features
■■ Quick reference scale
■■ Microswitch travel limits
■■ 800 μm/second high speed
■■ Vacuum compatible versions available upon request
Performance Specifications
Maximum axial load 15 lbs
Minimum controllable motion/speed setting:  
100 μm
15 μm
Slow / maximum
5 μm
Slow / minimum
1 μm
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open loop actuator, 0.5 inch travel
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