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The 840 series of encoded actuators incorporate a non-rotating tip to en­sure accurate submicron positioning. The 840 series actuators’ industry standard 0.375-inch nose mount will fit into any device that has a stan­dard manual micrometer. The 9/16 hex lock nut can be used to attach to translation stages or for bulkhead mounting in flat panel applications.
Product Features
■■ Quick reference scale
■■ Microswitch travel limits / Forward limit adjustable
■■ 1.7 mm/second high speed
■■ Vacuum compatible versions available upon request
Performance Specifications
Maximum axial load 15 lbs
Backlash ≤ 5 μm
Point to point accuracy ± 2 μm
Right-Click to Save 3d Model
closed loop actuator, 1.0" travel
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