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The 500 series open-loop actuators are designed to be used with our 50.5cr, 100.5cr or 150.5cr low profile crossed roller linear stages. They use 80TPI threads for high-resolution positioning and have built-in travel limit switches to ensure they won’t over-travel the stage and damage it. 12mm and 25mm versions are available and both versions have “Quick Reference” scales on two sides of the actuators.
Product Features
■■ Quick reference scale
■■ Microswitch travel limits
■■ .30 mm/second high speed
■■ UV, vacuum compatible, stepper or closed loop versions available upon request
Performance Specifications
Maximum axial load 10 lbs
Backlash ≤ 20 μm
Minimum controllable motion/speed setting  
15 μm
8 μm
3 μm
1 μm
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open loop actuator, 12mm travel
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List Price: US$475.00
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