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The compact size and high performance of our RSA-5.0i motorized rota­tion stage make it ideal for motorized rotation applications in the labora­tory as well as OEM systems. By employing our standard encoded DC servo motor, the overall thickness of the base is minimized to 1.0-inch [25-mm].  Standard mounting features include both 1⁄4-20 and M6 tapped holes on two edges for post or AS spacer mounting with the axis of rotation horizontal. Additionally, universal counterbores to fit imperial or metric spreads are included for attachment directly to a isolation table or plat­form with the axis of rotation vertical. The 0.5-inch inner diameter of the rotating dial accepts common 0.5-inch and 12-mm optics and is supplied with two Delrin® retaining rings. The dial has six tapped holes (3 each 4-40 and M2.5) on the face to attach other optical or mechanical ele­ments.  The RSA-0.5i’s compact design and right angle drive are ideal for close coupled optic stacking.
Product Features
■■ Compact size
■■ Quiet running DC servo motor
■■ Universal mounting
■■ Vacuum compatible and UV versions available upon request
Performance Specifications
Maximum load  
when axis of rotation is vertical
2 lbs
when axis of rotation is horizontal
0.5 lbs
Travel 360° continuous     
Unidirectional repeatability 6 arc seconds
Backlash 100 arc seconds
Minimum controllable motion 6 arc seconds
Runout / wobble 530 arc seconds
Encoder counts per revolution 2,137,184
Maximum speed  10 rpm
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rotary stage, 0.5 inch, motorized Aperture
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