Introduction to Siskiyou Life Sciences Solutions

Siskiyou’s Life Science product line has been refined utilizing the input provided by end users. Researchers, using our products in their own laboratories, accomplish much of the design testing of our products. This is an ongoing process. We constantly evaluate user feedback to improve our products and develop new products. Many of the features in our products are the result of a close relationship between our customers and our technical staff. Maintaining this dialogue ensures that we will continue to fulfill the needs of our customers. Input from our customers enabled us to develop simulated lab conditions at our facility which allowed us to design and build products with the high levels of stability needed to complete experiments successfully. While we may not be able to incorporate every suggestion into our products, we greatly value the feedback from the users of our equipment. Since the end user is at the heart of the process, there is no one better to know the demands placed on equipment.

Modular by DesignTM

Our customers require a great variety of configurations in laboratory experiments. This need for flexibility led to our Modular by Design™ concept. This concept facilitates the incorporation of our products into the individual researcher’s system with the least amount of alteration or disruption. The ability to reconfigure the devices ensures that they will not become obsolete when one experiment is completed, but will remain a useful piece of laboratory equipment for future experiments.  Our technical staff is ready to help our users accomplish their goals.  For us, technical assistance is a two-way street — we find it is an excellent way to learn what our customers’ needs are, while providing information to help a user complete a setup. Maintaining direct contact with end users will ensure resolution of their problems or concerns and concurrently improve our service. Customer satisfaction is, and will remain, a top priority at Siskiyou.