Ultra-stable micromanipulators, as seen in Laser Focus World

by Michael O'Coyne | Oct 04, 2016
Among the DC/servo options, the MX7000 series demonstrated the lowest amount of play and drift compatible with MyoStretcher’s target performance (measurement to 1 nN), while providing up to 20 mm of motion in each axis. A motorized actuator with anti-backlash gear-head (in each axis), driving a crossed roller-bearing highly linear stage, eliminates axial and lateral play, and a pre-loaded screw drive avoids the possibility of drift when stationary—that is, during a typical single myocyte experiment. Also, because the three-axis subsystems were originally developed for demanding electrophysiology (patch clamp) experiments, they are totally compatible with the limited access of a high-magnification optical microscope.  (read more...)


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