IXF2.0ss M
IXF2.0ss M
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IXF2.0ss M
The IXFss series monolithic flexure mounts are a new line of mounts that are specifically designed for OEM applications.  They have a wide variety of optic mounting options, including bulkhead mounting as either a front adjusted or through the bulkhead adjusted mount.  In addition, these versions have 8-32 (M4) mounting holes on two edges for post mounting and locks on the adjustment screws.

Product Features
■■ Lockable 100TPI adjustment screws
■■ One-piece construction
■■ Stainless Steel
Performance Specifications, also for (a) versions
Pitch   5° 
Yaw   5°
Minimum controllable motion
2.4 arc sec.
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mirror mount, flexure, 2.0in optic,stainless steel, Metric
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