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The IXFtss series Top adjust monolithic flexure mounts are specifically designed for OEM applications. Top adjust versions have a novel actuating mechanism to eliminate rotational torque being applied to the axis under adjustment. Designed to be either panel or bracket-mounted; Siskiyou flexures provide the ultimate in stability, even in challenging environments. The monolithic construction results in substantially better heat conduction from one side of the component to the other, for quicker response to changes in temperature. (Patent No. 8,925,409)
Product Features
■■ Lockable 100TPI adjustment screws
■■ One-piece construction
■■ Stainless Steel
Performance Specifications
Pitch   5°
Yaw   5°
Minimum controllable motion
2.4 arc sec.
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mirror mount, flexure, 2.0in optic,top adjust, stainless steel
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