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Siskiyou Founder in 1972Siskiyou, founded in 1972, provides a diverse range of micromanipulators, microscope sample positioners, motion control systems, and modular optomechanical building blocks to Life Science and Photonics researchers and industry. Our goal is simple: to offer the highest quality product at an economical price and support our customers with superior service.

Our products are Modular by Design™, which makes it easy to substitute interchangeable parts or to exchange and add modular units. The ability to combine products interchangeably provides an unlimited array of functional tools that you can adapt to almost any requirement.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary quality is determined by the people who add their knowledge and skills to a product. We pride ourselves on maintaining an experienced workforce that provides the life science and photonics research communities with reliable equipment and technical expertise to support our products, which makes the difference in quality and dependability.

Metal Finishers Inc processing

Siskiyou has in-house laser engraving and an affiliated anodizing company. Metal Finishers, Inc., also of Grants Pass, was founded in 1988 and produces high-quality anodizing for Siskiyou's product line. MFI guarantees a reliable, quality finishing source for Siskiyou products and ensures that the anodizing process will not delay product delivery. Like Siskiyou Corporation, MFI's staff are experienced and insist that the highest quality standards are maintained.

Almost every month, a new idea or adaptation expands the applications of Siskiyou tools. Siskiyou engineers listen to customers' thoughts about desired changes or modifications and work collaboratively to provide solutions. With an average tenure of nearly nineteen years, our employees can and do work closely with customers. Siskiyou's willingness to listen has led to respect among customers who want individualized support. Siskiyou engineers can provide guidance and insight for your next project, whether standard products or customized devices.

Siskiyou continues to grow, but the commitment to quality and the people at Siskiyou have stayed the same. Providing tools for your discoveries and innovations, we approach your project as we would our own.

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