Siskiyou's History

Siskiyou Corporation began in Grants Pass, Oregon, in 1972 as a two-person shop with the mission to provide precision positioning devices for photonics research. The first products were a mirror mount, support post, support post holder, and mounting base. The precision of our instruments attracted attention. Soon, customers were requesting related devices. 

Life science and photonics research advances led to new uses for Siskiyou's devices. With 50+ years in business, we continue to adapt to changing market demands through technology and our highly skilled staff. The key to our success from the beginning and into the future, the one element Siskiyou will always embrace, is its commitment to quality. 



Introduction to Siskiyou OEM Solutions

With over 50 years of experience, Siskiyou's team has been working closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide to expedite the transition of concepts into designs that are then commercialized into manufactured products to meet the OEM's performance requirements. In addition, Siskiyou has built a strong history of partnership with OEM customers, delivering solutions from sub-assemblies to complete solutions, including design, testing, and manufacturing. For us, technical assistance is a two-way street — we find it an excellent way to learn our customer's needs while providing information to help complete a setup. 


Our business philosophy is simple: Understand our customer's needs and objectives to provide the product/solution that best helps them achieve those objectives. By maintaining direct contact with end-users, we can work directly with customers to offer a resolution to an issue or improvement on a design. Developing high-quality customer relationships and customer satisfaction is a top priority at Siskiyou. We have built a modern, environmentally controlled facility for consistent manufacturing, on-site RoHS-compliant anodizing, Class1000 clean room, in-house assembly, and quality control to meet our customer's needs. We can supply many high-quality products that are not typically available.

Siskiyou's Facility

Our 8,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility operates eight horizontal machining centers, 4 CNC Lathes, two live-tooling lathes, and in-house laser engraving. This facility and equipment provide for developing and producing Life Sciences and Photonics products for use in various Commercial and Military Sectors. The Assembly Department consists of highly skilled technicians trained to measure and align, assure accuracy, and finish with precision. These technicians and our embedded quality assurance personnel are empowered to take immediate action, convene multi-disciplinary teams to address manufacturing or quality issues, and maintain the highest quality standards. Siskiyou also has a Class 1000 clean room assembly area that enables us to meet the high-performance requirements of today's LASER-based OEM and Research requirements. 


Within the Class 1000 specification, Siskiyou also offers customer-specific cleaning processes ahead of final assembly. Current applications include vacuum-compatible (10-7 Torr), UHV-compatible (up to 10-13 Torr), and Ultraviolet applications where cleanliness is required. In addition, Siskiyou's sister company, Metal Finishers, Inc., is a modern 4,000-square-foot anodizing facility. This facility provides Type II anodizing for all Siskiyou's anodized parts. Siskiyou also uses this on-property facility to support customer-specified cleaning before Class 1000 cleanroom assembly.

OEM/ODM Relationships

In today's competitive environment, you need an innovative partner to integrate into your project quickly. We work with OEMs around the globe to design, manufacture, and assemble components, providing solutions that drive business value and give companies a competitive advantage. As an onshore manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, not only does Siskiyou Corporation offer custom Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services, but we have a long and successful track record of solid partnerships. This business model allows us to offer custom-tailored branding options and fully customized solutions from design to assembly, supporting customers with the specialization and precision they require to drive their business forward.