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For fluorescence imaging this ET-DSRed TRITC/Cy3 filter set includes 3 filters for mounting into the IS-DS filter slider kit. This kit is then installed into our CBH-1.0 cube/beam splitter holder that can be used in the free space of standard commercial upright microscopes as well as Siskiyou's MRK100 modular imaging system. The excitation filter is mounted into an optic holder for attachment to the CBH-1.0. The emission filter mounts into the dichroic slider above the dichroic filter. When installed into the CBH-1.0, the emission and dichroic filters are slid into the optic path during fluorescence imaging or slid out of the optic path for brightfield observation.

Product Features and Specifications

Excitation filter:

  • 25mm diameter x 5mm THK max,
  • Center wavelength=545nm
  • Bandwidth=30nm.

Emission filter:

  • 18mm diameter x 3mm THK max.
  • Center wavelength=620nm
  • Bandwidth=60nm.

Dichroic filter:

  • 24 x 34 x 1mm THK (with cut corners)
  • Cut-on wavelength at 570nm

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