MX7600 Series Manipulator

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$4,350.00 - $5,275.00

MX7600 Series Manipulator

$4,350.00 - $5,275.00
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MX7600 Series Manipulator

$4,350.00 - $5,275.00

The MX7600 motorized crossed roller bearing micromanipulator is ideal for patch recording experiments. The MX7600 offers exceptionally smooth linear travel and uses a precision preloaded lead screw to ensure drift-free operation. The motorized 4-axis micromanipulator incorporates our MXC-45 pipette holder mounted to an adjustable clamp on the probe axis. This clamp allows the MXC-45 and probe axis to be adjusted to the desired angle of approach from 0 to 180degrees fahrenheitor a true axial approach. The MXC-45's built-in rotational stop allows easy pipette replacement.

Product Features

  • Motorized manipulator, 4-axis, base mount, RH
  • 1.7 mm/second rapid positioning
  • Linear approach on probe axis
  • Repeating probe holder
  • Holds mounting rods from 3- to 10-mm in diameter.

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum load: 2 lbs
  • Travel / axis: 0.80 inch [20 mm]
  • Minimum controllable motion: 0.1 µm
  • Backlash: < 5 µm
  • Point to point accuracy: ± 2 µm

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