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SKU: 42140000E
Axes of Adjustment: TIP/TILT
VOLUME: 0.000000



Our EOP mount has better clearance on the clamping fork to maximize the area around high-voltage power leads. The EOP mount is designed to position various electro-optical devices such as HeNe lasers, laser modulators, and Pockels cells. Its compact design is ideal for applications where space is limited. With 5 degrees of tip/tilt accomplished using 100TPI adjustment screws, the EOP easily positions electro-optical devices with the highest level of accuracy in the industry. Incorporated into the design are non-influencing locks for both tip and tilt adjustments. The locks and the adjustment screws use the same hex wrench size (5/64) for one wrench adjustment and locking.

Product Features

  • Lockable
  • 100TPI adjustment screws
  • 5 degrees tip / tilt adjustment
  • UV versions available upon request
  • Compatible with U.S. system or metric hole patterns

Performance Specifications


  • Pitch 5 degrees
  • Yaw 5 degrees

Minimum controllable motion

  • Pitch 5 arc seconds
  • Yaw 5 arc seconds

Spec Sheet: Click here to download
3D Model: Click here to download

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