IAG Series Gimbal Mount

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$90.00 - $275.00

IAG Series Gimbal Mount

$90.00 - $275.00
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IAG Series Gimbal Mount

$90.00 - $275.00

These unique mounts use our patented spring-loaded (pat.# 6590723) to create a mount that is neither Kinematic or Gimbal positioning of the optics. Though the motion most closely resembles a Gimbal design by rotation about the optical center, the real attraction of these mounts is the location of the adjustment screws above the beam path. Our IAG mounts use precision rolled 100TPI adjustment screws for excellent resolution and feel in the hand and come with our capstan knob caps with Soft Touch covers. Like all of our "i" series mounts the IAGs use our one wrench design allows the user to secure the optic, adjust the optic position, and lock them all with one wrench.

Product Features

  • Upper adjustment screw location
  • 100TPI adjustment screws
  • Patented spring-loaded design
  • Vacuum compatible versions available upon request

Performance Specifications

  • Travel / axis 8 degrees
  • Minimum controllable motion 8.0 arc sec.

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