MXOP-SL Platform Series

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MXOP-SL Platform Series

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MXOP-SL Platform Series


XY Translating Platforms, with manual or motorized drives, are available for most upright microscopes. They allow you to move the platform instead of the microscope to find a new recording location while you're still recording from your original patch site. They're available exclusively with crossed roller stages for stiction-free repositioning you won't jolt your sample when you make adjustments. The inherent stability of our construction maintains the focal plane of the microscope while sensitive experiments aren't disturbed. Support platforms are color coded to match the top platform, to ensure that the correct support platform is matched with its support location. The platforms are machined from stress-free aluminum tooling plate, which provides the flattest platforms available.

Product Features

  • 40 and 80 pitch adjustment screws
  • Available for upright and inverted microscopes
  • Full crossed roller bearings
  • Lockable travel (manual versions)

Performance Specifications

  • Load, maximum centered 100 lb
  • Travel
  • X axis: 1.0 inch / 25mm
  • Y axis: 1.0 inch / 25mm

Controllable motion, minimum

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