100.5cr Series Stage

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£320.49 - £939.83

100.5cr Series Stage

£320.49 - £939.83
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100.5cr Series Stage

£320.49 - £939.83

The 100.5cr series represents the thinnest line of crossed roller stages on the market today. Their slim design is ideal for applications in which space or height is critical. All three sizes are available in X-, XY- or XYZ-axis versions. Each axis has a non-influencing foil lock which virtually guarantees that the first adjustment is the last one. The foil lock has matching mounting holes on the opposite edge for maximum access flexibility. Depending on the sensitivity of the setup, 8-80TPI or 8-100TPI adjustment screws, or SM-1 micrometers, can be used with these stages. Angle brackets are included in assemblies, and may also be purchased separately.

Product Features

  • Low profile design
  • Non-influencing lock
  • High load crossed roller bearings
  • Vacuum compatible versions available

Performance Specifications

  • Travel Range: 1.0 inch (25.4mm)
  • Maximum Horizontal axis Load: 10 lb
  • Maximum Vertical axis Load: 4 lb
  • Resolution:
    • With 80TPI adjustment screw 5µm
    • With 100TPI adjustment screw submicron

*Minimum controllable motion*: BASED ON 1° OF ADJUSTMENT SCREW ROTATION

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