Fiber Optic Positioners

Multi-axis fiber positioners for bare fiber and connectorized fiber applications. Compatible with BFC and CFC fiber chucks.

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  • BFT Series Positioner

    BFT Series Positioner

    Our BFT bare fiber translators are compatible with BFC series fiber chucks for polarizing and non-polarizing applications. The BFT fiber translators use 80TPI adjustment screws for precise positioning of X- Y- and Z-axis, and use our SoftTouch® color...
    ₩340,517 - ₩756,704
  • CFT Series Translator

    CFT Series Translator

    The compact design of our CFT series of fiber translators makes them ideal for crowded beam path applications. This compact fiber translator uses our OT.5-5 as the basis for this small package. 80TPI adjustment screws are used for precise positioning of...
    ₩597,796 - ₩832,374
  • CFTx Series Translator

    CFTx Series Translator

    The robust design of our CFTx series of fiber translators makes them ideal for critical applications in tough environments, and to maintain alignment during shipping. Based on the rock-solid OTX lens positioners, these fiber translators can take a 4G...
    ₩1,127,489 - ₩1,339,366