Flexure Optic Mounts

Siskiyou's IXF series of unique, monolithic flexure mounts are found nowhere else in the industry. Notable features include adjustment screws that ensure that the flexure will not be forced past its elastic limit, proprietary materials to minimize thermal expansion, and monolithic construction. Monolithic construction results in significantly better heat conduction from one side of the component to the other and provides a quicker response to changes in temperature.

If you can't find what you're looking for below, contact us, and we'll be happy to help find a product that will work, or we will design a custom solution that perfectly suits your application.

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    The IXF series monolithic flexure mounts are a line of mounts that are specifically designed for OEM applications. They have a wide variety of optic mounting options, including bulkhead mounting as either a front adjusted or through the bulkhead adjusted...
    ₩151,341 - ₩1,021,550
  • Beamsplitter Flexure Mounts Beamsplitter Flexure Mounts

    Beamsplitter Flexure Mounts

    The IXFbs series of flexure mounts is derived from our popular IXF monolithic flexure mounts. Clear aperture cut-outs have been added to maximize beam clearance for beamsplitter applications. These cutouts are set at 45° and maximize beam clearances at...
    ₩174,042 - ₩567,528
  • IXF.c Optic Clips IXF.c Optic Clips

    IXF.c Optic Clips

    The IXFc series optic clips reduce wave front distortion and provide secure mounting of round optics into Siskiyou's IXF flexure mounts and kinematic mirror mounts. As compared to traditional set screw mounting of optics, IXF optic clips reduce wave...
    ₩9,080 - ₩75,670
  • IXF mb 45° Series Mounting Block IXF mb 45° Series Mounting Block

    IXF mb 45° Series Mounting Block

    The IXF.mb/45 mounting blocks allow solid base mounting to the IXF series flexure mounts. For periscope beam steering configuration this aluminum mounting block has a fixed 45° angle. This configuration allows 1/4-20 (M6) cap screw clearance mounting...
    ₩52,969 - ₩113,506
  • IXF mb Series Mounting Block IXF mb Series Mounting Block

    IXF mb Series Mounting Block

    The IXF.mb series mounting blocks provide an easy and robust method for mounting Siskiyou monolithic flexures. Pin pockets in the base prevent unwanted rotation and positive lateral attachment with pins in place, parts can't shift laterally or experience...
    ₩37,835 - ₩75,670
  • New


    This series of OEM, single axis, optical mounts from Siskiyou Corporation offer exceptional stability at a low price point. This performance is achieved in the IXFs series mounts through the use of Siskiyou’s monolithic flexure construction, in which the...
    ₩83,237 - ₩302,682
  • IXF.fl Series, Foil Lock Kits IXF.fl Series, Foil Lock Kits

    IXF.fl Series, Foil Lock Kits

    The IXF fl series foil locks provide secure locking of the pitch and yaw motion to Siskiyou's IXF2.0, IXF3.0 and IXF4.0 series flexure mounts. The foil lock plates are made from stainless steel. Hardware is supplied for attachment to either English or...
    ₩45,402 - ₩75,670